Sunray Suzie – Photo Set

I’ve been feeling a bit low today. Had been working on a rather large project that I had high hopes for. Long story short I’m angry, they blocked me, it looks great but I don’t care any longer. The whole thing sucked the life out of me and left a bad taste in my mouth for working within a particular sector. In 14 years I’ve never experienced this much personal anguish on a project, actually light years away from it. It puts things into perspective though and how lucky I have been to work with so many caring and talented people so I’m focussing on that. And I always come back to art models when I think of some the best people in the world. There’s something very special about all of them. We all have egos but they seem to challenge theirs more than most other creative types. They become comfortable with being uncomfortable. They push the ideas of truth and beauty in new and unique ways. They have great stories.

I sat staring at the archived raw files for this set and felt something. I think I was feeling down that day as well for different reasons and I either projected that onto the shoot or Suzie was feeling it as well. I started tweaking one pic here and another there and before you know it had 29 images that tell a story. I’ve been staying out of photoshop recently and only working with Lightroom and I’m happy with this workflow. 

As time allows I’m going to go back into recent archives with fresh eyes. One not centred around finding 3 or 4 perfect images but on looking for a story. Thanks Suzie and thank you art models for keeping it real.

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